NOLAPS is a diverse group of people from Greater New Orleans working for a just peace in Palestine.


“If there is anything I would want for people to realize about this conflict, it is that, it is up to this world to be compassionate enough to cease it. By that I mean, we all have a position in this conflict, whether it be directly or indirectly, we can all help to end it. We as Americans can use our freedom of speech to help bring an end to the atrocities the Palestinians must now endure. No people should have to face such humiliation and torture. No people should wake everyday in the midst of warfare. No people should have to be ethnically cleansed when their own culture is rich enough. No people should be stripped of their pride until they are forced to fear. No people should fear. No people should have to wait to be liberated, they should already be free. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has a book entitled, “Why We Can’t Wait,” and the struggle he fought for in the sixties, is the same struggle Palestinians face today, and here is why they can’t wait: they’ve waited long enough…”

-Ainoku Saadiq

Peace Shalom Salaam-audio mp3

A Poem for Palestine

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Who Will Cry poem

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