NOLAPS is a diverse group of people from Greater New Orleans working for a just peace in Palestine.


Get off the internet and get involved!

If you live in the New Orleans area, contact NOLAPS at [email protected] to find out about our next meeting, event, or to be put on our list. Otherwise, check the resources section to find out about groups in your area.



NOLAPS is proud to announce that it has published its first book, Witnessing Resistance:  Voices From the New Orleans Human Rights Delegation to Occupied Palestine.  Please email us if you'd like to order one for $15 plus shipping.  You can also purchase one at a NOLAPS event.  Online order form coming soon.  Until then, preview the book here.


Upcoming events

General meeting

Email us for the next meeting time and place.

Palestine Delegation

NOLAPS is considering a 2005 summer delegation.  If you are interested, please contact us for more information.  To read about previous years delegations, see below. 

In the summer of 2004, NOLAPS sent nine New Orleanians to Palestine to act as witnesses to the occupation and to bring that information back to New Orleans. Check out this link for their reports.



First ever hip-hop show for Palestine in New Orleans!

PLUS - SHAHEED-New Orleans' Palestinian hip-hop artist is now up on the NOLAPS site.  Check him out here.


Demand Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees
Palestinian refugees are the indigenous Arab inhabitants of historic Palestine, which today is comprised of Israel proper, the West Bank and Gaza. Israel forcibly and illegally expelled the larger part of the Palestinian population from its land when the state of Israel was established in 1948, and continued this during the 1967 Israeli Arab wars. Palestinian refugees are categorized into three main groups: Palestinian refugees displaced in 1948 outside the areas of historic Palestine that became the state of Israel, internally displaced Palestinians who remained within the areas that became the state of Israel and Palestinian refugees displaced for the first time in the 1967 war from the West Bank and Gaza. For the past 55 years and counting, Palestinian refugees have been denied their right of return to their ancestral villages and homes. See the Al-Awda website for more information.

Stop the Apartheid Wall: Land theft and forced expulsion
Upon completion of Israel's Apartheid Wall, the West Bank will be divided into three non-contiguous ghettos, each isolated and at the will of Israeli policy. The Wall's "first phase" has already stolen approximately 30,000 square acres of the West Bank, and has disrupted or destroyed the livelihoods of over 200,000 Palestinians.

See a map of the wall from Gush Shalom's website, or learn about the Stop the Wall campaign. More importantly, get involved to stop the Apartheid Wall now!

Ainoku Saadiq: NOLAPS' own socially-conscious MC and poet. Download her songs and check out her poetry here.

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